Close-up image of a horizontal screen. On top of the screen, which functions as a table, are human figurines. A child reaches her arm across the table to reposition one of the figurines.

19 april: Interactive Storytelling in the Museum

For our upcoming event we joined forces with Interactive Storytelling Meetup Rotterdam! Together we will explore how museums tell stories through unconventional interactives and exhibits. The main theme? Put your visitors to work!

Speaker #1: Willem Lagerwaard (Studio Kloek)
“Mom, now I want to play Jesus!” – Willem Lagerwaard will talk about their fabulous Story Table in the Dutch Open Air Museum. He will show us how families create hilarious short animations about important, festive events, like Easter. While laughing out loud together, families learn what we celebrate at these events.

Speaker #2: Rianne Schoonderbeek (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen)
What is is like to be an artist? – Rianne Schoonderbeek will tell us how they transformed visitors into artists in the interactive rooms about Brancusi, Rosso or Man Ray. Visitors could mix photography and sculptures themselves and thus create a (proven!) deeper understanding about the practice of being an artist.

Speaker #3: Theo Meereboer (Reinwardt Academie)

“You are allowed to listen after you made your choice…” Theo Meereboer will question interactivity in museums and why we still need bridges if there is no water. A talk about art literacy, heritage intelligence, meaning making and why we need to make stories together.


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Night Shift wouldn’t be possible without our speakers and we try our best to thank them properly. We give them a meal, a nice gift or a speaker fee and a drink afterwards. That’s why we ask for a pay-what-you-can donation. You decide how much you want to pay, but if you find that hard, it might be good to know we can cover our costs when people pay between €5,- and €7,50