Night Shift #4 - Wie komen er (niet) naar onze musea?

Postponed – Corona camaraderie in culture

What a difference a year makes! A moment to get together and acknowledge it’s been a YEAR.

A year ago, we were all planning our summer exhibitions, events and other public programming. But then our lives were turned upside-down and they haven’t stopped tumbling since. In the year that ensued we discovered what kind of organization we were *really* working for. The kind that provided charging facilities and a safe haven for people who participated in Black Lives Matter protests, or the kind that would fire all frontline staff in the second week of lockdown…

Some of us have been working relentlessly to provide for their communities, others might have had more time than they would have liked to reflect on the museum/heritage/culture sector and how it could be different.

At Night Shift, we’ve tried to keep organising events that would inspire and activate those work in museums and heritage organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

This time, we want to create a space where we can just meet each other, in camaraderie to acknowledge it’s been quite the year, to decompress, but also to have a little fun, create space for laughter, surprise and connection. There will be time to chat with friends and strangers about what the year has meant for you. Or just to listen, of course. In between, we will shake things up with what we would like to call ‘serendipity sessions.’ Little surprises, you might learn a new party trick.

If you want to contribute to a short serendipity session, (read a poem, tell a joke, maybe a magic trick?) let us know!

Check out this page, our newsletter and our social media for updates on this event. We’ll announce a new date soon. This is a pay-what-you-can event. Your donation will help us keep organising events in the future.